About Us

Hummingbird Meetings & Events is an agency focusing on corporate meetings, worldwide events and incentive travel experiences.

Our team of professionals can help elevate the quality of your meeting or event while reducing common industry challenges.

your expert planning partner

We deliver strategic, creative, and flawless service to clients who want to maximize the value and effectiveness of communicating in a live or virtual meeting environment.  With an expertise in collaborative partnerships, our innovative planning team is here to create memorable experiences!

The Significance

of the Hummingbird

Although hummingbirds are small, these birds are capable of the most amazing feats despite their small size. In fact, these birds are known to travel great distances!

The hummingbird is confident, has the ability to respond quickly and not afraid to defend their territory. Many say, that if a hummingbird visits you, you feel a wave of inspiration.

Our team is graceful, quick on our feet and is able to respond quickly to a multitude of scenarios. We strive for helping to accomplish your meeting goals effectively, and we can adapt to any situation.

Like the hummingbird, our team has tenacity, endurance and even the smallest idea has the potential to become great!

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